• May 1, 2014 at 4:37 PM

    Now is a great time to collect seeds from spring flowering perennials and sow it to propagate new plants. Here’s a step by step seed sowing guide that I hope others will find useful!

    1. Take a seed tray and fill it with compost. Push down the compost to lightly firm it and remove any air space. Make sure the surface is level.

    2. Take pinches of seeds and sprinkle them around in the compost. For larger seeds, place them individually about 1cm apart.

    3. Take grit and sprinkle it over the surface over the whole tray. You may need to push large seeds below the surface of the grit.

    4. Place the seed tray in a bowl of shallow water and let the compost soak it up. Don’t water above because it could displace the seeds and wash them over the grit and out of the tray. Take it out when the grit looks damp and let it drain a little bit. You can place the tray in a greenhouse or well lit windowsill, and ¬†your perennials will be off to a great start.