• March 3, 2014 at 3:49 PM

    It’s summer. That season for soft fruits. Strawberries are a popular choice to grow, but being a soft fruit it comes with its share of challenges. Here is a basic guide of tips to take care of strawberries

    -Watering: Strawberry plants need regular watering, whether they’re new or established. However, try not to water the actual fruit for this could cause molding so try to water the soil NOT the plant and try to water in the morning so if water does get on the plant it will evaporate during the day.

    -Feeding: In mid to late spring, sprinkle blended fertilizer around your plants, especially if your soil is poor.    Try not to get any one the leaves. You can also add fertilizer with potassium after harvest to help the plant.

    -Netting: Nets are a must have to keep away birds when the fruits start to ripen.

    -Frost protections: Some plants may need frost protection if they’re early flowering varieties. Just uncover them in the daytime so they can get sun and insects can pollinate them.

    -Mulching: This is important to retain moisture and suppress weeds. It also helps to keep the berries clean by keeping them from getting splashed with mud. Using straw is the most popular form of mulching. You can also get special strawberry mats or grow the plants through plastic for the same result.