Eco-friendly Compost Bin

Large-Capacity Compost Bin with Natural Wood by Gardeners Supply Co


This convenient composter makes it easy to transform all your kitchen and yard waste into nutritious compost for your garden. It has plenty of room for fruit and vegetable scraps, garden and landscape trimmings, and fall leaves.

The clever design has an attractive wooden front with a handy 10″ high access door at the bottom so you can remove finished compost. The sides are galvanized wire mesh that holds the contents securely and provides excellent aeration, which is vital for efficient decomposition. The wood is treated with an eco-friendly preservative.

The Eco Compost Bin with Lid has a wood-framed, wire mesh lid that opens from both sides and latches securely to keep out pests.  [click here to learn more…]

  • Holds over 17 bushels of kitchen and yard waste
  • Attractive wooden front with wire mesh sides
  • Easy-access door for removing finished compost

Suggested Retail Price: $125

Author: shazzam
Category: Garden Supplies
Date: January 5, 2014

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