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Author: shazzam
Category: BUGS, Squash, Warm Season Veggies
Date: July 19, 2013

The basics to Gardening, things you need to know

Where do you begin if you want to have a garden?

The five things you need to decide:

1) What kind of garden do you want to have and how much space do you have? Do you want to grow flowers, fruits or vegetables or all of these.  Most people over plan and build a garden too big.  Don’t try to be a farmer out of the gate.  Take your time.

2) Learn about gardens, research and find out what you can grown in your climate.  Buy some books and or research on the internet.

3) Buy all your supplies for your garden.  Start small and complete one project at a time.  At a minimum you will need:

a) soil.
b) soil additives.  For example if you want a vegetable garden then you will need xyz, if you want a fruits and citrus then you will need a very acidic soil so you will need extra abc.  If you want herbs then you will need a simple garden soil.
c) fertilizer.
d) mulch.  So many times people want to have a garden but they fail to realize the covering the ground after they plant and fertilize is just as important to saving the moisture.  It also prevents the soil from forming a hard compact on the top layer with a hard rain.
e) the garden beds or containers.  This could be the raised bed, the square foot garden boards, rope and/or simple pots to put your vegies, fruit, seed or starter herbs.
f) gloves, hats, hoes, rakes and trowels.
g) watering hose, drip hoses or automatic watering systems.  This can be as simple as watering your pots or creating an automatic watering system.  The larger the gardener the more sophisticated the system should be.  The most economical way is to capture rain water.  Plan for this as you don’t want to be watering every day and trapped to your home.  You want to have a piece of mind that your plants are getting the proper amount of water with our without you.

Check back here as we will be expanding the items above for more details.

Remember to plan ahead for the most successful garden and crops.  If you are new to gardening then start simple.  Herbs are always the easiest to grow.  And you will be amazed how often you use herbs once you start growing them!

Author: shazzam
Category: Basics, BUGS
Date: June 17, 2013

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